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FabFitMom Affiliate Program Tutorial > Your FabFitMom Affiliate Links

The FABFITMOM affiliate program is run thru Clickbank, a free program!

First off, you need to get a free ID from Clickbank. You can do so HERE.

You'll be asked for an ID between 5 to 10 characters long. Remember this ID!

Once you're signed up, you can start promoting The Safe and Smart Internet Weight Loss Edge.

Your affiliate link will be:


Substitute your Clickbank ID for "YOURID".

You can right-click over the following images, save them to your computer and use them for promotion as well. Click on them to get the code.

Next, you can start promoting, BUT I do urge you to consider the following.

What link below looks more convincing to you? Be sure to look at the bottom of your screen to see the link as you move your mouse over it.

Finally discover the secret about successful weight loss!


Finally discover the secret about successful weight loss!

The second link ends up at the same place... but looks far more friendly (no weird numbers or letters). This is an example of a cloaked affiliate link and I definitely recommend using them!

Turn now to Step 2 - Cloak Your Affiliate Links to continue. And thanks for stopping on by!

April 24, 2024

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